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The following attachment is the rubric Research Proposal in the area of ethnography.

For this assignment is writing a literature review for this research proposal.

*Use 8-10 references

****Format options*****
First, these people said … (explained each one said it)
Then, these people debated with them… (explain how each one debate with the first group above)
here is what i want to tell them (based on finding from answering my research question)
put you in a table which has different groups of people with different argument,  guess where do you fit in and find other references to insert yourself based on your research topic.

*1&2 sentences for background and history

*An annotated bibliography is required for the first draft. An annotated bibliography is not required in the final submission. With each reference, state why you are using the book, chapter/article as reference.How does this work help answer your question?  Answer the following, what is the authors main point, what evidence did the author consider to make their main point.

*Use Chicago Manual for the bibliography and citations throughout the proposal.

literature review & annotated bibliography
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