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OPTION 1: A traditional literary analysis

Please write an 6-10 page literary analysis of one class readings (Little House on the Prairie)  utilizing secondary research in literary and interdisciplinary studies to support your argument. Your scholarly essay analysis

You can approach the essay by focusing on a theme or issue, or on a specific text or collection of texts from our class readings. Avoid summarizing the primary texts. Remember that I am most interested in your explication of complex ideas and themes. While your thesis must be one of literary interpretation, you may employ interdisciplinary research methods.


Narrow your topic. I cannot stress this enough.  If you are confused about how to do it, please see me
Use MLA stylesee Purdue OWL site and links I have posted on our D2L site
Remember to provide individual bibliographic entries for essays that you cite from an edited collection, such as you have done with your reading responses on texts from our anthology.
Cite at least 3 academic sources
You may cite additional sources, academic and non-academic (newspaper, magazine, blog entries, etc)
Underline your thesis and submit the final paper to the class D2L dropbox
Include pdf copies of your research materials, if you do not have a stable URL link. If you have used a print source, make pdfs or take photos of the pages you cite

Little House on the prairie
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