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Write a literature review similar to the literature review in the file attached, Separate the studies in paragraphs as the file. Mention the following: [Researcher(s) name(s) and date, What the researcher(s) investigated/examined, data collection method, sample of the study, and the results/findings of the study].
These are the 8 studies I want you to discuss in order:
1.    Alhaisoni, E., & Alhaysony, M. (2017). An Investigation of Saudi EFL University Students Attitudes towards the Use of Google Translate. International Journal of English Language Education, 5(1).
2.    Karnal, A. R., & Pereira, V. V. (2015). Reading Strategies in a L2: A Study on Machine Translation. The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal, 15(2), 69-79.
3.    Kumnoed, P. (2018). An Analysis of English Reading Comprehension and Reading Strategies through Google Translator of Loei Rajabhat University Students. The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2018 Official Conference Proceedings. iafor.
4.    Maulidiyah, F. (2018). To Use or Not To Use Google Translate in English Language Learning. Jurnal Linguistik Terapan (Applied Linguistics Journal), 8(2).
5.    Alsalem, R. (2019). The Effects of the Use of Google Translate on Translation Students Learning Outcomes. AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies, 3(2).
6.    Cakir, S. (2013). A study on the efficiency of Google Translate translation program. Krknc Yl Yazlar (Fortieth Year Writings Book), 75-83.
7.    Gestanti, R. A., Mufanti, R., & Nimasari, E. P. (2019). Re-overviewing Google Translate Results and Its Implication in Language Learning. Asian EFL Journal, 5-15.
8.    Giannetti, T. R. (2016). Google Translate as a Resource for Writing. Retrieved from St. John Fisher College:
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