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Economic Determinism and Construction of Knowledge: For this Prompt, students are expected to incorporate the class readings and theories from Platos Republic, Karl Marxs The Capital, and Adam Smiths The Wealth of Nations among others, as well as outside / library research to find out how the economic structure and social/economic classes impact and determines the construction of peoples knowledge and a countrys economic, and ultimately social and political systems.

For an effective paper, six different sources or more are required, which include class readings/textbooks, academic books, journals, newspapers, library sources, surveys, and interviews.

Be sure to use the 3 additional materials as sources

Third Person should be used to demonstrate the writers objectivity, academic research, and formal writing style, other than first person

Analyze the prompt and discuss how it connects to natural science, social science, and humanities. Practice interdisciplinary thinking and approaches throughout, and finally develop an interdisciplinary perspective for your argument(s), positions, and thesis.

LS 3011: Research Term Essay
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