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We will start the activity with the following scenario:

You have been asked to schedule an appointment for a family member with a new healthcare practitioner. Prior to your scheduled visit, a 4 page healthcare questionnaire is required to be submitted. During your phone conversation, the administrative assistant explained that there are two ways that you can fill out the assessment questionnaire either online (the physicians office will send you the form via e-mail), which will be returned via e-mail or by paper entry and faxing the information back to their office.

For our discussion, we will start with an opinion question:

1. How often have you encountered this scenario and should you be concerned?

Now after reviewing the
HIPAA video ( as well as the Health IT site on information security, lets go through the discussion together, one question at a time:.

2. Identify any ethical, legal or technical concerns that you might have in responding to this scenario.

3. What will you ask and require from the clinic to ensure that the information you will share either through email or fax will remain safe and secure?

M4D1: Security breach and patient privacy
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