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Your task is to develop a real-world word problem that can be solved using the skills learned in this course. Pick something that you can discuss, show work, and explain in words. Some of the topics of the first week are too basic, so please consider picking something that you can really dig into beyond simple arithmetic or very simple word problems.
Other examples might include sales tax, discounts, monthly payments, painting a room, adjusting a recipe for measurements or serving more people that has fractions, interpreting raw data using statistics and/or graphical representations, interpreting debt and loans, and the many examples we can use algebraic equations to solve.

Use this Signature Assignment WorksheetPreview the document to:

Write and explain the real-world word problem; include any needed diagrams or images
Define any related mathematical terms and explain the related mathematical concepts
Discuss strategies of solving the problem, making sure to include different approaches that are possible
Solve the problem by showing your work and explaining the steps in words
Discuss whether your answer makes sense and answers the real-world question
Lastly, reflect on the topics and skills of this course and how they are transferrable to your study of Psychology

Making It Real: College Math Applied to Life Signature Assignment
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