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you must turn in a list of the top five (at least your list can be longer) most important insights from your assigned readings- textbook reading is chapter 4 and 5. The rest of the readings are attached.  for that week. These are the five most important insights TO YOU, not to the class or the world or the managers in general, but to YOU specifically. Your insights can derive from something positive you learned, a negative reaction to what you read, some controversy you see in the readings, a disagreement with the materials, etc. Try relating them to something that has happened to you, to a family member, or to friends, or at work. 

Write out the sentence, statement, or quotation you are reacting to. State whether it is from the text or a reading.  If it is from a reading, name it.  Explain why it caught your attention, why you think it is important. 

When I read, I tend to highlight items, sentences, phrases, or ideas that make me go hmmmmm  This is a good idea.  When you are finished reading for that day, you can go back over the readings and find your highlighted items and decide which to use in your Top 5 paper.

You must rank order your list and indicate why each item is important to you specifically. As long as you express why the insight is important to YOU, you can also (if you want) discuss why you feel the insight is also important to the class, to managers and leaders in general, and/or to the world.  For your most important item, you must indicate why you chose that item as  # 1. What is it that makes that particular insight the most important to you this week? Failure to identify why your number 1 is THE most important item will result in loss of 10 points.

When thinking about why a certain item is important, it may help to relate it to something that has happened in your life, your family or friends lives, or in the news.  I will be most interested in how you justify your choice of the five items, and in particular, your number one top item!

You do not need to have one insight from each assigned reading.  However, they should not all be just from the text reading. That will make me think you arent reading the other articles.

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