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Please answer the questions from the perspective of Sales Manager in the financial services industry.

A companys strategy has to be supported by its various functional areas. For example, Steve Jobs brilliant strategy in iPhone could not have succeeded without Tim Cooks excellence in managing the supply chain. One of the main goals of the MBA program is to provide you exposure and understanding into all the major functional areas in business and how they depend on and interact with each other, in order to bridge the gap in your knowledge and capability while you move up in your career. In order to test for the achievement of this goal, please answer the following two questions in a succinct way, using your own understanding specific to your unique experience, and giving short examples.

1. Please describe your understanding into the main functional areas of an enterprise, what functions have you mainly been involved in, and what expertise and insights do you have regarding this function.

2. Describe how the MBA program has helped you achieve a better and more complete understanding of the main functional areas in business, and how these different functional areas interact to contribute to the company strategy?

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