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You have 5 essay questions – each worth 20 points each.  Each question should not exceed 1 page of writing, 12 point font, 1 inch margins.  Prepare as an essay, although bullet points are allowed to help with organization.  Graphics/pictures are not included in the 1 page limit.  Cite your sources.  Complete your answers in a word document and upload through turnitin, like you do your weekly assignments.  All work must be done individually, but you can leverage your notes/readings etc.  Your answers will be graded on 4 things:

Well written: 25%

Answered question: 25%

Applied logic from readings: 25%

Demonstrated critical thinking skills and synthesis of ideas: 25%

Question 1: What is creative confidence and why does it matter in the process of innovation? Create a picture showing visually what you think creative confidence is.

Question 2: What is Human Centered Design Thinking and how does it differ from the traditional way organizations innovate? Do you think the HCDT process/mindset can be effective in large organizations and how might you, as a manger, effectively implement it in your own organization?

Question 3: Explain the difference between open versus closed business models. What do you think holds companies back from adopting an open model? Find an example (not Cisco referenced in the reading) of a company that has adopted an open business model and explain how they do it and demonstrate how it has driven innovation at the firm.

Question 4: How does an innovation spread from an idea to the market?  How can you tell the difference between hype and true innovation?

Question 5: In preparing for your team project with fellow students, what organizational issues do think are most important to consider for your team to be successful? Think about knowledge creation, managing knowledge, and what computer mediated communication channels you will use.

Managing innovation
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