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.  It would be 12-15 pages (double spaced) and could take one of several approaches of which two prominent examples would be 1) a critical analysis of a products/services or companys marketing strategy this will involve a reasonably detailed look at the target market(s) and each of the 4Ps (product, price, place and promotion).  2) an analysis of the historical evolution of marketing strategy for a product or service over time if you can find details of how the target market(s) and the 4Ps for the particular product or service have changed over an extended period of two decades or more, you would look at how the changes in marketing strategy over time can be understood in the light of changes in the marketing environment over the same time period.       

Given that the assignment could take different approaches as discussed in the previous paragraph, no specified format is provided for the paper.  Also not provided is any set number of references/citations that is expected I understand that some other courses provide minimum numbers of citations expected!  Of course, any external (borrowed) material that is used in the paper should be cited (any citation format APA etc. is fine) in the interest of good academic practice.

If groups would like to discuss with me either the choice of topic for the paper or a draft outline at some stage, they are welcome to do so.  Also, if for whatever compelling (!) reason, some students do not want to work in  groups and would like to work individually on the project assignment, they are welcome to do so but groups are preferred! 

The project should be submitted by December 1, 2020,  though most of the work should be completed before mid-November which is the date after which we will start having brief presentations/discussion of the projects in class. 

Hope this helps.

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