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Write your paper and save it as a PDF, DOC or DOCX only. Upload it here, DO NOT EMAIL IT TO ME. All
late submissions are subject to a 50% penalty (they will be taken out of 3 points rather than 6).
Write a 4-5 page paper referring to at least 3 academic sources about gender and sexuality:
Analyze masculinity and femininity in the U.S.
Sociologist Gwen Sharp suggests that masculinity is [constructed as] so fragile that apparently
even the slightest brush with the feminine destroys it. Explain & evaluate
What is hegemonic masculinity? What makes it unattainable in practice? If it cant be real, what
social purposes does this idea serve? Why would men uphold it, even at the price of their own
What are some ways in which power is symbolically linked to masculinity in our society?
How do benevolent sexism and hostile sexism operate in understanding masculinity and femininity
in the U.S.
In light of current events how do these ideas apply?
Technical requirements:
Cover sheet (with at least your name and the title of your paper)
Reference list
ASA or APA format (no endnotes or footnotes please
A bullet pointed outline of your paper
A minimum of 4 pages of text
1-inch margins all sides of text
Times New-Roman font
12 point font
Appropriate in-text citations

Masculinity and Femininity in the U.S.
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