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With this assignment, you will pick an illusion and write a 2-3 page paper about it. You should include the following information:

1. Describe the illusion. Does it have a name and what is the illusion? In describing it, you should explain what you perceive and what it is in reality (i.e. you perceive movement of when in reality it is a stationary image, etc.). What is interesting about the illusion and how does it connect to sensation and perception (i.e. is it a visual illusion, an auditory illusion, etc.)?

2. Explain how/why the illusion works. Is it more related to properties of the sense organ (i.e. the eye, etc.) or more to brain interpretation? Does it rely on context or perceptual tricks or something else? Be specific in explaining what is happening to cause the illusion

3. State whether or not you think the illusion would have cultural effects, as in the above examples. Why or why not? Is the illusion a learned illusion, meaning is experience necessary for it to develop? How is the illusion influenced by context? (There is no right answer to this, but use information from the examples to make a hypothesis)

I would like it to be about the McGurk Effect

McGurk Effect
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