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Identify part 1 and 2 in the paper

* Part1. Focused Reflection: For this assignment you will consider the influence of the media on individuals, organizations and society as a whole from an economic perspective. With this new lens you now have a foundational academic and personal understanding of the whole (media influence) and its parts (culture, politics and economy). You may now take some time to position yourself in the context of those lenses as you think about your professional, personal, and/or political life and the larger economic trends of the media. In concrete terms, how do you imagine moving forward in an economy increasingly influenced by the media as industries? Will the media continue its exponential hold on society with you as a vicarious witness? Ultimately how inspired and committed you are about the current economic possibilities of the media? How do you feel about those who remain skeptical towards these possibilities? Are you determined to resist, embrace, or something in between, and if so, how? (500words).

* Part2.Reading Response: Focus on one or more of the ideas, concepts, and/or arguments presented by Albarran and Rainie. What do you think about the definition of social media industry as opposed to any other type of industry? What makes it unique and why? On the other hand, what do you think about the monetization of culture through global media influence? How do you see the core ideas of these two articles playing out in your own life, profession and/or communities here and now? What possibilities of resistance, if any, can you imagine; or perhaps you primarily see opportunities all around your personal and professional lives, such as… (600 words). 

Media Influence
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