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Please carefully refer to the document of requirements as well as paper #1 and several examples I uploaded. According to the introduction and literature review in paper #1, you need to select a Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise to collect relevant data for analysis. This paper only needs to involve methodology and results. If you choose to use the questionnaire survey method, you need to provide a specific questionnaire in the appendix just like the examples I uploaded, including at least 9 questions, which cannot be yes or no questions.

Note: If collected data records are not submitted, Paper #2 will be considered incomplete.

Paper #2: Field Report

Your goal for the Field Report is to add to your knowledge acquired while writing the Discovery Report. The paper #1 provided you with the context or the background for your primary research and, thematically, will align with the second paper. Writing a Field Report, you will demonstrate what you have learned about the research topic by collecting empirical data. To complete the Field Report successfully, pay attention to the following requirements:

Part 1:

Select a data-collection instrument that fits your research objectives: e.g., text analysis, semi-structured interviews, survey, a mixed-method approach, meta-analysis, nonparticipant observations, or analysis of the existing statistics. You may use advanced statistical analyses if you have studied statistics before.
Recruit at least 3 participants for a qualitative study or arrange for a focus-group interview. A research interview should last at least 30 minutes. If you plan to conduct a survey, you should collect responses from at least 30 people. Make an appropriate decision about a population sampling (e.g., convenience, purposive, random).
Use the Research Journal to reflect on each step of the data collection process and data analysis. 
If relevant, prepare a letter requesting interview/survey participation; include the following information:
Identify yourself; the program/course title; instructors name and contact information
Briefly describe the purpose of the research project
Explain what study participants will be asked to do
Provide the assurance of confidentiality; please include the line IRB approval is not required for a course research project. However, should you have questions or concerns, please contact the course instructor (provide the instructors email and/or phone number if possible).

Part 2
Write a report comprised of a very short Introduction, a brief description of Methodology, and Results/Findings. The Methodology section should explain data-collection procedure and participants background information. Results/Findings should analytically summarize main issues/themes that emerged as a result of data analysis.
Use relevant direct quotations/verbatim from the interviews or answers to open-ended questions in the questionnaires to support assertions.
Use visuals if applicable.
Submit interview recordings to Canvas and/or examples of completed questionnaires (consult with the instructor), or any other data.

Methodology + Results
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