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1) Automation technology can be used to reduce the burden of sorting through large amounts of _____ to enable an analyst to correlate various sets of _____ to make an assessment.   [objective84]   [Remediation Accessed :N]


data, information


intelligence, data


information, intelligence


data, intelligence




2) Joint intelligence planning supports joint operation planning and may result in the production of what three products?   [objective102]  



 Contingency Plan



 Dynamic Threat Assessment



 Annex B: Intelligence



 National Intelligence Support Plan


3) What two features distinguish intelligence from information?   [objective86]   [Remediation Accessed :N]



 Provides raw, factual information on a wide variety of subjects



 Consists of the synthesis of quantitative analysis and qualitative judgment with an assigned degree of confidence to the analytical conclusion



 Allows anticipation or prediction of future situations and circumstances



 Contributes to or shapes the commander’s decision making process


4) Which of the following are tasks that the J2 performs? (Select all that apply.)   [objective87]   [Remediation Accessed :N]



 Produces threat assessments on a continuing basis to help the commander create or exploit opportunities to accomplish friendly force objectives



 Assesses the characteristics of the adversary’s decision-making process and identifies weaknesses that may be exploited



 Ensures that critical intelligence is disseminated appropriately in a timely manner to the joint force commanders (JFCs), staff, and components



 Analyzes the adversary and other relevant aspects of the operational environment


5) As it relates to management of priority intelligence requirements (PIRs), what is the responsibility of the J2 once the commander has approved the PIRs?   [objective88]  



Focus efforts supporting the objectives and disseminate positive information in an appropriate and timely manner to the joint force commander’s staff and components



Propose PIR updates for approval by the J3, Operations Director



Continuously review and update Friendly Force Information Requirements (FFIR)



Continuously review the PIRs with respect to the adversary and the changing situation to determine whether they remain relevant to the commander’s intent


6) Collection activities acquire and extract data from the operational environment such that Processing and Exploitation can convert that data into information to be used during Analysis and Production to refine into _____ to satisfy Requests for Information (RFI) or the commander’s Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR).   [objective89]  









data fee





7) After intelligence requirements are established, the staff reviews organic information sources for answers to requirements. If a requirement cannot be met from local sources then the _____.   [objective90]  



staff issues a Request for Information (RFI)



JFC refines the PIR to match available intelligence



staff requests JFC for justification of PIR



staff rejects JFC’s PIR


8) Which of the following must collection managers continuously monitor the results of? (Select all that apply.)   [objective91]   [Remediation Accessed :N]



 Diversity and availability of intelligence dissemination paths



 Available collection assets



 Processing and exploitation and production capacity



 Effectiveness of meeting collection requirements to address the JFC’s evaluation and feedback portion of the intelligence process


9) Intelligence dissemination requirements and procedures must be coordinated through the _____.



Communications directorate of the J6



Joint force command J3



Joint Collection Management Board



Joint force command J2


10) This intelligence product category involves the integration of time-sensitive, all-source intelligence and information into concise, objective reporting on the current situation in a particular area.   [objective93]  



Identity Intelligence



Estimative Intelligence



Current Intelligence



Target Intelligence


11) This intelligence product category results from the fusion of identity attributes and other information and intelligence associated with those attributes collected across all intelligence disciplines.   [objective94]   [Remediation Accessed :N]



Warning Intelligence



Identity Intelligence



General Military Intelligence



Target Intelligence


12) What category of intelligence is produced for the President, Congress, Secretary of Defense, senior military leaders and Combatant Commanders?   [objective95]  






Theater strategic



National strategic



National security


13) An intelligence estimate of the enemy campaign lines of operation based on intelligence reporting of an extremist group’s use of safe houses and the local population for logistical support is an example of what level of intelligence?   [objective96]  



Theater strategic











14) Prior to planning for operations in support of the JFC OPLAN an intelligence brief is presented to the planning staff. Which one of the ten principles of intelligence does this represent?   [objective97]  














15) Assuming the truism that intelligence is imperfect, what is the best way to minimize the obstacles to achieving a high degree of fidelity in the products of intelligence?   [objective98]  



Anticipating the changing operational environment and focusing collection efforts to support ongoing operations



Collaborating with allies and coalition partners who possess niche expertise and alternative perspectives that complement joint force intelligence efforts



Staffing efforts to achieve a mix of skills and characteristics that enable them to remain responsive a changing environment



Constantly strive to maintain the highest possible standards of excellence


16) A key function of the J2 is to integrate outside stakeholders into intelligence planning and operations. The J2 can support the Joint Force Commander by integrating _____.   [objective99]  



nongovernmental organizations



interested UN countries



state and local militias



partner nation intelligence capabilities and assessments


17) Which of the following National Intelligence leadership positions advises the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, combatant commanders (CCDRs), and USD(I) on all matters concerning military and military-related intelligence.   [objective100]  [Remediation Accessed :N]



Director of National Intelligence



Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence



Joint Staff Directorate for Intelligence, J2



Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency


18) The intelligence component of the National Joint Operations and Intelligence Center (NJOIC) provides planning, management, and infrastructure for intelligence working groups and intelligence task forces that provide direct intelligence support during major conflicts.   [objective101]  








19) Which two of the following statements highlight the critical features of intelligence?   [objective85]  



 Allows anticipation or prediction of future situations and circumstances



 Provides raw, factual information on a wide variety of subjects



 Informs decisions by illuminating the differences in available courses of action



 Contributes to or shapes the commander’s decision making process


Military Intelligence Exam
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