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“For this assignment you are required to write on TWO topics” (Topics Attached)

“A Note on How to Write Gobbets

The primary documents, normally an extract of text (especially a quotation) or image, is provided
as a context for analysis, discussion, or translation. A well written gobbet should have the
following elements:

a. it will identify the document and context (including its language, whether the text
provided is a translation, and the place where this document was done), its
purpose and the main characters involved;

b. it will comment on the particular point or points raised in the extract (ask yourself,
why was this extract set?);

c. it will explain any distinctive words or phrases;

d. it will then, towards the end, comment more discursively on some of the broader
issues involved. Is this a true or accurate narrative of events? Are the hopes of
the protagonist ultimately realized? Where does this extract fit into the wider
context of what we know from our sources?

Try to make about four to five points, and do not write more than 800 words or fewer than 500.
Avoid an over-lengthy introduction; get to the point quickly, do not simply rephrase the wording
of the gobbet, and make sure that you analyze it. Gobbets are designed to assess your ability to
comment critically upon source material, whether a text or an object. Each gobbet will have at
least one specific point that should be addressed/analyzed, so always consider why a particular
passage/image has been chosen.”

I attached:
– The topics the assignment is to be written about
– A guide on how to write a gobbet
– An example of a Gobbet

Modern Britain – Gobbet II on Two Topics – Joseph Chamberlain speech in Birmingham & Neville Chamberlain speech to the House of Commons
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