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For your course project, you will draw upon your previous knowledge to create a Community/Population Health Education Program geared towards a prevalent public health issue.

Project Part 3 – Marketing and Communication Plan

There are several different ways to communicate and market to the masses. The key is to identify the methodology needed to successfully communicate to the priority population and keep the needs of those consumers at the forefront of your mind.

Your paper should be a minimum of two-pages long and include the following:

Identify the communication and marketing methods you will utilize for your health education program
Include why you believe these methods will best suit the needs of your priority population
Include a draft plan for initial marketing to the priority population
Include a draft plan for materials to be utilized during the health education program
Identify how you will meet the needs of the priority population members that have the following:
Learning disabilities
Hearing and visually impaired
Language barriers
Discuss how respecting the cultural difference, values, and customs of your priority population impacts the outcomes of your program.
Discuss why it’s important to incorporate a partnership with a member of the priority population?
How would you demonstrate respect of your working relationship and their ideas?
Include a draft of a marketing piece that you will use to educate and encourage participation in your program from your target population.
Remember to utilize audience-specific and influential tone
Examples of marketing pieces include a radio ad, newsletter, social media ad, etc.
Format your paper using APA style, including a title page and a reference page that contains the sources you used. For help with formatting your paper, visit the APA Guide.

Module 3 Project Health & Wellness Capstone Marketing and Communication
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