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This purpose of this assignment is to begin considering some of the practical implications of the motivational theories and leadership perspectives discussed in class.  consider the extent to which they can inform the overarching questions guiding this assignment:

How do different people motivate and lead others, and to what extent are their respective motivational and leadership approaches impacted by individual difference traits or situational factors?

analyze both interviewees responses and, using theories and frameworks presented in class, respond to prompts related to employee motivation, leadership practices, and proposed best practices to increase motivation and work attitudes among interviewees and their subordinates. This information will be compiled and submitted in essay format.

Papers should approximate eight (8) pages of double-spaced text with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. Papers should also include a title page, references, and appendices which are not included in your page count. Please structure your paper with headers that correspond to the report components outlined within the attached guidelines and rubric document. Throughout your paper, be sure to provide specific and detailed examples drawn from course content, outside sources, or shared by each of your interviewees.

You are required to reference material from the textbook, the recorded presentations, and/or other sources (e.g., journal articles, other textbooks, newspaper/magazine articles) to support your assertions. Submissions should adhere to APA formatting, including in-text citations where applicable as well as a reference list.

motivational theories and leadership perspectives
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