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Use 8 scholarly references

you are asked to illustrate your strategy in providing reinforcement to a learner,

First, select a skill of interest different than that chosen in the last assignment
Second, explain the learner’s ability, experience, and learning situation
Third, find and summarize two peer-reviewed journal articles (one-page review + APA reference per article). One article supports your thoughts on the importance of reinforcement, and the second article provides the application of goal-setting principles.
Fourth, identify:
Three external reinforcers you could use
Three vicarious reinforcers you could apply/recommend
Three internal reinforcers you will nurture
Three negative reinforcers that may be used
Three punishments that are frequently used
Conclude your presentation with a one-page explanation of how you will teach this skill using the reinforcers identified: the order, frequency, and type of rewards. Include the possibility for temporary failure and corresponding reinforcement as well.

Remember, APA in-text documentation and end references are required.

motor learning
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