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ou are a new teacher at XYZ private school. It is a kindergarten through twelfth grade school. The student population is very diverse with regard to language, ethnicity, religion, culture and socio-economics. However, the faculty and administration are homogeneous. Faculty and administration recognize that there may be a cultural disconnect between students and teachers (including administration). The board of trustees gave a mandate to the administration that there must be a push for multicultural education in the school. You were hired as a new teacher because of your competence and your background in multicultural education. Your primary responsibility for the first semester of school is to create and submit a document that describes and discusses the following topics (please include references to support your assertions):
moving the school (i.e. faculty, staff, administration, and students) toward embracing characteristics of multicultural education that include affirmation, solidarity, critique and culturally responsive teaching (How can it be done?)
identifying bias in the school curriculum
curricular reform;
helping students, faculty, staff and administration understand racism and prejudice at the individual and institutional levels;
You must address all of these issues. Please include a brief description of the school population including teachers, students, staff and administrators. Begin your paper with this description; however, do not dedicate more than one (1) paragraph to the description. Next describe the current level of multicultural education in the school (i.e. provide no more than one paragraph for this description). Once again, please address all of the issues listed above. Do not forget to cite references and create a reference

Multicultural education
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