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This module examines copyright law and public domain as it pertains to music education. As a music educator, you are expected to maintain a basic understanding of copyright and will be held accountable for this information. The following links and handouts are designed to provide you with said knowledge. To complete this module: 1) Please place a copy of the items (websites and handout) into your notebook as a future resource; 2) complete the assignment as outlined below to demonstrate that you understand Copyright Law. I would strongly encourage you to also peruse the NAfME Copyright Website at

1) Read the material provided for you on the websites below.
2) Read the NAfME handouts and Chapter from Jagow’s text, which are attached to this module.

3) In 2 pages, address the following:

Briefly describe three instances in which music educators tend to make copies of music-related material. Then discuss how each of these instances  potentially breaks Copyright Law and suggest how you, as a future teacher, could avoid said infringements. In your suggestions, please cite the Copyright Law(s) being discussed.
Briefly discuss how technology has introduced new challenges regarding copyright law, and how you might navigate those challenges.
Describe what public domain is and offer two or more suggestions as to how public domain laws help music educators.
Offer some concluding thoughts that synthesize the information learned in this assignment.

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