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This is a paper analyzing two pieces of music: Suite Francaise, and Suite of Old American Dances. You only need to cover the first two movements of each piece. Each of the pieces should account for half of the word count.

The following is the criteria for the paper:

The student evaluates music by thoroughly deconstructing the repertoire, and determining the manipulation of, and relationships between, identified musical elements and compositional devices, communicating detailed and substantiated judgments about how these relate to context and genre and the expressed style.

To DECONSTRUCT means to identify:
musical elements and how theyve been used by the artist (pitch, rhythm, timbre etc)
compositional devices (repetition, sequence, inversion, randomness, serialism, etc)
You should also identify if/how these two things relate to each other (for instance, maybe each time the music repeats the artist plays more softly?)
To EVALUATE means to make judgments about how everything above relates to:
The songs context (time/place/history/production values etc)
The songs genre (pop, rock etc)
The songs or composers style (fun, sexy, epic, silly, carefree, intense etc)

Music Analysis
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