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German Expansion 1936-1939

Question 1: Put the Source in Context
Situate the source, its creator, and its purpose in the context of other historical events, developments, or processes (nationally or regionally). What conclusions can you draw from this source based on this contextualization?

Question 2: Consider a Question
Evaluate and analyze the source in relation to this historical question: In evaluating this map consider what it demonstrates about the goals of a rearmed Germany. What does it demonstrate in regards to German’s attitudes toward the countries created during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 (Including but not limited to the Treaty of Versailles)? Also consider both Hitler’s and Stalin’s motives regarding Poland.


Analyze Reflection of Time Period
What is the source designed to portray about a time period? Consider the creator’s purpose and point-of-view. How is the information presented representative of the time period?

Question 4: REFLECTION

Analyze your process
Use this space to reflect on the process of source analysis and interpretation used during the assignment. Which strategies helped you the most? Which strategies posed the greatest challenge?

My process reflection
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