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this is the outline for the narrative essay .i want it to be perfect thanks
Your Story Begins

Now that you have considered several possible topics, it is time to explore the topic in more depth. Fill in the blanks to complete the following sentences.

My story is about: My childhood memory.________________.

My story takes place: In Jacmel, Haiti_____________ (where).
My story takes place :In 2000. (when).

In the opening,  a trip  happens.  The conflict in my story is: the car broke down.

The resolution of the conflict is: we rent another car .

The main point of the story is the adventure of a trip.

Part 3 – Organizing: Create an Outline

Consider your story with a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning informs the audience of the topic of the story either implicitly or explicitly. It is often best to be direct, particularly as you move forward in your studies to classes specific to your field of study. Be certain the reader has enough information to understand where you are going. The middle is where you describe the conflict and build to the climax, the moment when a decision must be made or a change occurs. In the end, the conflict is resolved, and a moment of reflection follows, often underlining the main point or theme of the story.

Complete the following:

Write one sentence introducing your topic/story

When i was a young child I would love to hear my parents tell me were going on a trip.

Write one sentence describing the scene when the story opens.

I would be full of excitement , because I knew that would be going to place that I never seen before , and meet other kids.

Write one sentence describing the conflict.

while we were on the road our car started to sputter and shake .

Write one sentence sharing how the conflict is resolved.

My parents  had to find a mechanics garage to drop our car ,and we end up renting another car.

Write one sentence describing what you learned.

I have learned no matter how much difficulty ,and obstacle we had in our family trip .That didn’t stop us to enjoyed ourselves .


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