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1- Define your favorite organism. Are there significantly different serotypes?
2- Symptoms and complications: describe the early symptoms, disease progression, and possible
outcomes caused by this organism.
3- Reservoir: describe the presumptive sources of this organism.
4- Transmission: how does this organism spread among human populations?
5- People at risk: what are the populations at risk of infection? Which populations are at high risk
of severe disease?
6- Recent outbreaks: describe the current epidemiology in the US: number of infections reported
to date, countries around the world where the virus is circulating, actions taken to stop the
disease spread.
7- Antimicrobial Resistance. Are there significant problem treating these infections with
8- Treatment. How is the disease treated?
9- Prevention. How can you reduce the risk of infection? Are vaccines or other prevention strategies
10- Public Health. How common are these infections in the US, and globally?
Suggested sources of information:
You must reference any information you report in a paper

Neisseria meningitidis
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