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Network Organizations

Topic: Network Organizations 








1.The research paper must be at least 2,500 words.


2.A minimum of 6 peer-reviewed journal citations are required.


3. APA Format




The following outline (unrelated to the subject matter of the research report) may help in your understanding of the research report via analysis & synthesis.


1)    Introduction:


a)    Introduce the 2 DB implementations plans. Add history and relative significance of each consumer and DB products.


b)    One implementation should be a database that was essentially successful.


c)    The second implementation should be a database that had significant “challenges”.


d)    What type of research papers was used (case study, empirical, etc.)?


2)    Describe, compare/contrast, and evaluate two (2) database – ANALYSIS


a)    What is the problem driving the implementation? What is ‘going wrong’ or what ‘problem’ was expected to be addressed?


b)    What were the implementation  requirements


i)      Expectations


ii)    Project requirements


iii)  DB requirements


iv)  Planed resources & time expectations


c)    What were the risks and impact if the implementation failed?


3)    Provide a SYNTHESIS of the 2-implementation plans. 


a)    What specific issues addressed by article X were also addressed in article Y, and how do they compare?


b)    What issues addressed by article X (or Y) may have been addressed by an alternate solution?


4)    Findings


a)    What does your evidence show?


5)    Conclusions


a)    What make one DB implementation a success and the other have significant challenges?


b)    What mitigating factors were, or should have been, considered?


6)    Recommendations


a)    Future investigation


7)    Reference List  

Network Organizations
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