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The purpose of this project is to assist you in presenting both sides of an issue in a well-researched, logical manner. Doing so requires the ability to critically analyze all potential arguments for or against an issue.

Due Date
This paper is due Lecture 14. As you work through this week’s and the upcoming lessons, keep this paper in mind.

You are able to use any work you have done in the class so far toward this class, including the evaluating sources project. You are not required to use everything you have done so far though.

Topic Options
Patient Choice
Climate Change and Health
Right to Healthcare
Housing the Homeless as a Health Issue
Consent Culture Education in Public Schools

Narrow Your Topic
The above are broad topics, and you might need to narrow your topic considerably. For example, you could focus on patient choice with insurances or choosing medical providers, or patient choice in surgical options, or patient choice in medication options, etc.

Your Task:
Write a 800-1800 word research essay presenting opposing viewpoints for the topic selected. Use your critical thinking skills to present the different perspectives in a clear and thoughtful manner.

Use Headings
Use headings to clearly organize your paper.  Include the following headings:

Arguments For
Arguments Against

Have a clear thesis statement as the last sentence in your introduction paragraph.

Topic Sentences
Use clear topic sentences at the beginning of each body paragraph. All other sentences in that paragraph need to directly relate to this topic sentence.

Write in 3rd Person Point-of-View
No second person (you, your), and no first person (I, me, my, mine), or combination of those (we, us, our).  Third person is he, she, it, they, researchers, doctors, sociologists, patients, adults, dogs, cats, rocks (third “person” isn’t limited to people). When you are stating what you believe are good ideas, you do not have to say “I believe that” or “it is in my experience…” 


Avoid Bias. This paper must be based on research, using critical thinking, and focused on the topic itself.  Avoid using biased sources. This is easier said than done! Any source could have a potentially biased slant, so use your critical thinking skills.  Places to locate articles/information with limited bias:

Peer-reviewed journals through the Gurnick Library. This is your best option!
Associated Press
Pew Research
Al Jazeera
C-SPAN (watch the original recordings yourself instead of relying on second-hand summaries)

If you want to use a source obtained from a location other than those specifically listed above, ask your instructor first.
Be Current
At least four sources must have been published within the past 5 years.

Of those, at least one source must have been published no more than 12 months before the date this paper is submitted.

If you have more than four sources that you actively use within your paper (meaning you cite these sources in the body of the paper), then it is possible to get permission to use a source older than 5 years. Contact your instructor with any request to use an older source.


Your paper will include the following:
Cover page                                                   
Introduction – one or more paragraphs, with a clear thesis statement
Two or more body paragraphs stating the arguments for the topic
Two or more body paragraphs stating the arguments against the topic
Conclusion – one (very well-developed) or more paragraphs. Suggestions: restate the current situation, discuss upcoming developments such as legislation, propose ways this conversation could move forward including suggesting additional research that could be done, etc. Hint: For the conclusion, think of yourself as a diplomat who is offering suggestions based on the research you presented in the body paragraphs.
References page with at least four reputable sources.
Use in-line citations throughout your paper to cite your sources. Each source on the references page must be used at least once in the paper.
Be sure to review the Final Paper Rubric that will be used to assess your paper for details.

Also view the APA Template a resource to help you with formatting.  This is a generic template that you will need to adjust for your purposes.

Opposing Viewpoints Paper
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