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Create a Learning Journal, a place where you collect your thoughts and provide your reflections on topics related to Organizational Behavior. The Learning Journal should contain:
    Answer the questions at the end of the page.
    Each answer should be 100-250 words.
    Clearly identify which questions you are answering by module and topic. (TIP: Copy and paste the questions you are answering.)
    If you use outside sources beyond the ones mentioned in the journal prompts, or if you use direct quotations from the prompts, you will need to cite the sources using APA format.
    Just as in the Final Project for this course, if you mention a current or previous employer or co-worker/manager in your journal, please change the name(s).
    Additional notes or reflections (optional)
Unlike other assignments you may have had in other college courses, this journal can be informally written. It is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to say “I” or “we” in this assignment. Parts of the journal may even be hand-written or drawn (flow charts, mind maps, etc.); if you choose to do this for parts of your journal, you can use photographs of handwritten material.

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1.    If you have participated in leadership development programs, how effective did you find them in (a) teaching you techniques and (b) giving you practical strategies you could use? What could they do better?
2.    Watch Stanley McChrystal’s video where he discusses his thoughts on the relationship of listening and leading. How important do you believe listening is to being an effective leader?. Why?
3.    Of the five ways to react to conflict as described in the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, which is the one that best describes your reactions in the workplace? Give at least one example.
4.    After watching the TED Talk by Yves Morieux, what is your take on the impact of workplace rules on getting things done?

5.    Thinking about Joanne Smith’s TED Talk, how can corporate culture be considered a competitive advantage?
6.    How does national culture affect what happens when an organizational culture is transported to another country?
7.    Thinking about If the World Were 100 People what surprised you the most?
8.    In “How diversity makes teams more innovative”, Roco Lorenzo discusses why she thinks that diversity can help drive innovation. What are some of these ways? Would they work if implemented in your workplace? Why or why not?
9.    After watching “TV 2 | All That We Share”, what were your immediate reactions?

Organizational Behaviour
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