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Outline Analysis of a Controversial Topic – INSTRUCTIONS
Overall Description:
This assignment is an opportunity to use many of the various critical thinking methods, strategies, and concepts that we have read or discussed this semester.

You will be required to analyze ONE topic using two single coherent recent contemporary arguments each written by one (different) person FROM A DIFFERENT SOURCE expressing that persons point of view. One article should be in support ((PRO) of the same topic and the other should be against it (CON). Do not write about two different topics. Both articles must be written 2018 to present. Other than the two articles, NO OUTSIDE REFERENCES OR INFORMATION CAN BE USED.

Instructions for the Outline Analysis Assignment: This is NOT an essay; it is an outline analysis in which a template must be used in typed MLA format.
You will analyze ONE topic and give the pro and con arguments using TWO different current articles written by two different people (not an organization or advocacy group or blog). This is a continuation of our study about points of view as a critical thinking element and how they are presented to persuade others.

The template that you MUST use for the final submission is located as an indented section under this module. You may wish to review the sample TEMPLATE on page 355 AND read the STUDENT EXAMPLE PAPER beginning on page 361. Both will help you produce the final work properly formatted.

IMPORTANT: Please address ALL required template categories even if your answer is: Missing Information: There is no missing information in this article.

Same topic BUT one article must be clearly in strong support (PRO) and the other article has to support the opposite (CON) side of the topic.

These articles must support an argument; do not select articles that are reports which present equal totally unbiased information about the pro and con sides.
DO NOT USE WEAK OR WISHY WASHY ARTICLES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. The analysis will be much more interesting when strong support is demonstrated for the pro and con sides. (See pg. 230 of the textbook for definition of argument vs. report.)

Outline Format Used in This Assignment: Offer your analysis of each argument (article) in order. That means to complete the analysis for PRO article and then complete the same outline for the CON article.

Topics:  Immigration (i.e. ICE raids, the wall, DREAMers)

Obtaining Information & Sources
While you may NOT use the articles found on (Links to an external site.), I encourage you to access it for ideas on topics to research. Again, I do not want articles from this site used to research your topic; use them for information only. Find your topic, read it, make notes as to possible ideas, and then SEARCH FOR OTHER SOURCES to write the analysis. (See below)

Sources requirements:
Must be current (2018 to present)
Must be in English language
Use established and alternative newspapers or magazines (no blogs, Huffington Post, Wikipedia)
Writers of both articles MUST have a first and last name listed (no anonymous people)
You may also research from the lists of magazines and viewpoints on pg. 207 in the textbook. However, the articles must be from different sources (i.e.  both articles pro and con cannot be from The Economist highly unlikely that will happen, but, just in case)


The Wall Street Journal (Links to an external site.)

The New York Times (Links to an external site.)

Chicago Tribune (Links to an external site.)

Los Angeles Times (Links to an external site.)

The Washington Post (Links to an external site.)

Newsday (Links to an external site.)

The Mercury News (Links to an external site.)

East Bay Times (Links to an external site.)

The Christian Science Monitor

Mother Jones

Outline Analysis of a Controversial Topic
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