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Write a four page single spaced document divided into three parts as follows. Keep in mind that the point of this project is to take an ethical theory, to personalize it and then to extend it into a professional situation. 


This assignment has three sections 


1.)  The first is to choose one or a combination of the ethical theories discussed in the midterm and to tell why you think it’s a good way of making an ethical decision e.g., Why would you adopt it even if you had to make some changes as a personal and professional Ethic.  See the template chart for how some of the broad theories which you wrote about in the midterm would translate into person ethical positions.  Include remarks about a philosopher who represents the  theory. 


Below is a doc to a chart which takes the various ethical theories covered in class and in previous versions of the course which followed Quinn’s textbook.  This chart should help you with Part One of this project.  


2.) Apply your choice of ethical theory to a personal or family situation.  Give an example.  Then:


3.) Carry your theory into a professional situation and discuss where it would have an impact, where difficulties might arise, what might be some of the “tough decisions”.  Gives an example. 

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