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Assignment 5 Company Strategic Direction

The Strategic Direction assignment is the fifth part of your project.

Part A

Construct a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) matrix.  You can locate a SWOT matrix through information literacy (Best resource is Google the word:  SWOT Matrix.  You will find alot of variations – choose one and enter your Organizations information. and Next, complete the following two matrices (examples of these Matrices will sent to you in the Content area.)  Include 5 factors in each of the four sections.  Be detailed in the descriptions.  You must duplicate the format of these (2) two matrices and apply your Organizations related items.

Part B

Construct a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix with products or services for each quadrant associated with your Fortune 500 company and provide a written analysis of the findings to support your position of the location on the BCG matrix.

Part C

Construct an Internal-External (IE) Matrix with the calculations from your past IFE matrix and EFE matrix.  If your matrix was incorrect or incomplete, you will need to complete these two matrices prior to constructing your IE Matrix.  Provide a written analysis of the findings to support your IE matrix.

Resource Information:  Based on the three matrices created, you will need to develop a detailed qualitative written analysis of each of the three matrices.  (You should include any term, figures, or calculations in your written section to support your analysis to enrich the information.) identify what kind of strategic direction (e.g. aggressive, grow and build) the firm should follow and potential specific strategies the firm should pursue within this strategic direction (e.g. M&A, new product development). *Please make sure that you include all aspects of the instructions including strategic direction etc. 

Your assignment should be in APA format.  Title Page, Table of Content, Body of Written Analysis, Reference Page and Appendix section.  Please use the templates in the course content.  Submit the APA format in one (1) Word document.  Cite all sources used in the assignment.

Assignment 5 is worth 40 points.

Part 5 – Strategic Direction
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