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Perform an online literature search using sources such as university library, google scholar, PubMed, AMIA, IJMI, or other reputable sources to identify 4 or more scientific articles that support TeleHealth. The supporting articles should not be older than 5 years.

The review should not exceed 500 words and should be doubled space. In addition, create 5-6 PowerPoint slides (including cover page and references, speaker notes).

Rubric as follows:
-Presented clear written analysis from at least 4 scientific articles informatics topics, approaches, trend or current issue influencing informatics practice.

-Provided analysis of the present state about Patient Monitoring in Intensive care units, indicate at least 3 new discoveries that impact this topic or challenge in clinical practical settings, research, or society in general (will inform the purpose of the study, method and design, key findings, and limitations)

-Demonstrated creativity and innovation in developing the presentation. Proper use of media such as graphics, illustrations, charts, etc. used to explain the content.

– Used adequate format, references and citations in text use JAMIA format. Adherence to academic writing, and acknowledging the sources.

JAMIA Reference and Citation Guide
Citing in the text
References must be numbered sequentially as they appear in the text. References cited in figures or tables (or in their legends and footnotes) should be numbered according to the place in the text where that table or figure is first cited. Reference numbers in the text should be inserted immediately after punctuation (with no word spacing)for example,[6] not [6].

Where more than one reference is cited, these should be separated by a comma, for example,[1, 4, 39]. For sequences of consecutive numbers, give the first and last number of the sequence separated by a hyphen, for example,[22-25]. References provided in this format are translated during the production process to superscript type, and act as hyperlinks from the text to the quoted references in electronic forms of the article.

Preparing the reference list
References must be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are mentioned in the text.

Only papers published or in press should be included in the reference list. Personal communications or unpublished data must be cited in parentheses in the text with the name(s) of the source(s) and the year. Authors should request permission from the source to cite unpublished data.

Reference style
List the names and initials of all authors if there are 3 or fewer; otherwise list the first 3 and add et al. (The exception is the Journal of Medical Genetics, which lists all authors). Use one space only between words up to the year and then no spaces. The journal title should be in italic and abbreviated according to the style of Medline. If the journal is not listed in Medline then it should be written out in full.

Example references

Journal article
13 Koziol-Mclain J, Brand D, Morgan D, et al. Measuring injury risk factors: question reliability in a statewide sample. Inj Prev 2000;6:14850.

Chapter in book
14 Nagin D. General deterrence: a review of the empirical evidence. In: Blumstein A, Cohen J, Nagin D, eds. Deterrence and Incapacitation: Estimating the Effects of Criminal Sanctions on Crime Rates. Washington, DC: National Academy of Sciences 1978:95139.

15 Howland J. Preventing Automobile Injury: New Findings From Evaluative Research. Dover, MA: Auburn House Publishing Company 1988:16396.

16 Roxburgh J, Cooke RA, Deverall P, et al. Haemodynamic function of the carbomedics bileaflet prosthesis [abstract]. Br Heart J 1995;73(Suppl 2):P37.

Electronic citations
Websites are referenced with their URL and access date, and as much other information as is available. Access date is important as websites can be updated and URLs change. The “date accessed” can be later than the acceptance date of the paper, and it can be just the month accessed.

Electronic journal articles
Morse SS. Factors in the emergency of infectious diseases. Emerg Infect Dis 1995 Jan-Mar;1(1). (accessed 5 Jun 1998).

Electronic letters
Bloggs J. Title of letter. Journal name Online [eLetter] Date of publication. url eg: Krishnamoorthy KM, Dash PK. Novel approach to transseptal puncture. Heart Online [eLetter] 18 September 2001.

Patient Monitoring in Intensive care units
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