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Case Study: A 65-year-old woman was just been diagnosed with Stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She was informed of this diagnosis in her primary care physician’s office. She leaves her physician’s office and goes home to review all of her tests and lab results with her family. She goes home and logs into her PHR (Personal health record). She is only able to pull up a portion of her test results. She calls her physician’s office with this concern. The office staff discussed that she had part of her lab work completed at a lab not connected to the organization, part was completed at the emergency room, and part was completed in the lab that is part of the doctor’s office organization.

As you review this scenario, reflect and answer these questions for this discussion.

-What are the pros and cons of the situation in the case study?
-What safeguards are included in patient portals and PHRs to help patients and healthcare professionals ensure safety?
-Do you agree or disagree with the way that a patient obtains Personal Health Records (PHRs)?
-What are challenges for patients that do not have access to all of the PHRs? Remember, only portions of the EHRs are typically included in the PHRs.

Please integrate evidence using at least one scholarly source.

Patient’s With Personal Health Records (PHRs)
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