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For this assignment, you need to start by thinking about a potential persuasive speech topic. Please see the persuasive speech topic list on Canvas for ideas. Next, think about your argument(s) for your position.  Most arguments will have counterarguments, so for the next part of this assignment, brainstorm any possible counterarguments.

For example, if your speech was going to be about why we should vote for a specific presidential candidate, the counterarguments would be about why we shouldn’t vote for that specific candidate. So, any opposing arguments that could potentially weaken your argument are considered to be counterarguments.  Using your potential persuasive speech topic, answer the following questions for this assignment:

1. What is your persuasive speech topic? What side are you going to be arguing? (for example: “for animal testing” or “against animal testing”).

2. List all counterarguments that oppose your position/claim (your claim is what you are trying to prove or persuade the audience to do or believe).

3. Choose the strongest position against yours and list it here, along with how you will address it in your speech. See your textbook for ideas on how to address counterarguments.

4. Which persuasive speech organizational pattern will you use to organize your main points? Why did you choose this pattern?

5. How do you plan to use ethos, pathos, and logos in your persuasive speech?  Please be as specific as possible and write about all three (ethos, pathos and logos). For example: “I will appeal to pathos by providing…” 

Persuasive Speech
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