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This is a Critical review not a book report, that is, it is not a recounting, nor a straight summary of the book, rather, it is an analysis of the overall book in historical context. The paper should be between 1,000-1,500 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, cited in the Chicago Style (Links to an external site.) with endnotes or footnotes.

1. What is the background of the author? How is this relevant to understanding the purpose of the book overall?

2. What is the thesis of the book? How successful is the author at getting points across to the reader clearly and does the author ultimately prove what the thesis claims to show? Give factual examples of how and/or how not.

3. In the process of doing steps one and two above, consider the topic of the introduction, Who Rules the World, (previous readings have addressed this issue, from C. Wright Mills and G. William Domhoff to William Robinson and now Peter Phillips). For several chapters Phillips outlines who these people are and what their networks look like. What does the impact of the rise of this plutocratic class mean for public and democratic institutions?

4. Consider the role corporate media play in information control and what Philips refers to as “public relations propaganda firms” (ch. 5-6). Also, what “democracy movements” have formed to counter great this concentration of wealth (ch. 7)? Have they been successful? How or how not, explain?

5. Closing remarks/conclusion. The end of the book has a letter to the global power elite along with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How do you see these efforts and prescriptions playing out in the 21st century and why? Feel free to consider and incorporate other course readings or materials as relevant.

6. How does this book address issues within the nexus of money, power, and politics?

Peter Phillips, Giants: The Global Power Elite.
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