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In the Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes claims that humans are responsible for error based on the interaction between free will and the understanding. Please thoroughly explain Descartes position on this interaction.
Using the Nagel essay, how might somebody reject Descartes claim that somebody is responsible for error?
Section 2 Title: (CSLO2) Apology, Euthyphro and King on the Gadfly

In Platos Apology, Socrates discussed his wisdom in relation to other supposedly wise people. In the same book, he also made the famous gadfly analogy.  Using the discussion in Platos Euthyphro as an example, please thoroughly explain Socrates concept of wisdom and the gadfly analogy.
Please explain Kings use of the gadfly analogy in the Letter from a Birmingham Jail.
Section 3 Title: This section has two parts (*If you chose to revisit one of the issues from section one or two in this third section, please be sure to revisit the material in a substantially new way).

Thoroughly explain one or two philosophical issues we have covered during the semester
Use the philosophical issue or issues you explain to analyze a contemporary situation, T.V. show, song, or interaction

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