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The process of creating an annual budget for any government organization can take a great deal of time and the process usually involves many groups, priorities and extraordinary planning.

Assignment Guidelines

In this assignment you will consider and discuss several duties and responsibilities of the public administrator within the budgeting process.

Task: In your own words, write 4-5 pages in which you will:

    Describe who is involved in the open budgeting process. Why are they important to the process?
    Explain the importance of planning in the budgeting process.
    List and explain one benefit and one disadvantage of economic upturns and downturns in the budget process.
    Illustrate how outsourcing, privatization and P3 agreements (Public, Private Partnerships) might help control costs when creating a government budget.

Assignment TIPS:

Try to use the information you have learned from throughout this course of Public Administration within your responses in order to demonstrate overall course-long learning.

Specific Assignment Resources:

National League of Cities, The Public Budget,
ACG, The Construction Association, Public Private Partnership (P3) Basics,

Use the attached PDF as a reference and additional guidance for creating a written budget plan.

Policy Making and Ethics of Public Administration Agencies
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