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The first page needs to be all about the microbiology for polio and the second page needs to be about the health At least 2 scholarly references.

note from Professor:
In essence it is a two page paper written and formatted as shown under the assignment. It is very important to note that your assignment will be scanned by Turnitin for plagiarism. It is imperative you do not copy and paste material in this paper, Turnitin is very thorough and strict. Also important, you text needs to be two full pages. Anything less than that will get points off. If you are concerned you can have your text go into a third page just to be sure. References on a separate page, only scientific references such as journal articles, university scientific info, text books etc. Note that science news websites, wikipedia and similar sites are not acceptable. In essence this paper will have the microbiology of the pathogen on one page (roughly) and the second page clincial, medical, nursing and/or public health information. A page on the microbiology and a page on the clinical/medical etc. So in a sense it is like a mini review paper on the pathogen. It is pretty straight forward.

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