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No.1 In the light of your reading for Units 5 and 6, you are invited to plan a discussion session for a church group on the theme of salvation through Jesus Christ. The session should help the group explore at least two different perspectives or viewpoints. Structure your assignment as follows:
A. Your own explorations and analysis of the different perspectives chosen (1000 words), as background preparation for the discussions. You need to: 
a) consider Jesus’ life as well as his death and resurrection;
b) show awareness of how the different perspectives respond to each other (refer to specific theologians);
c) show awareness of how the issues might be understood or criticised in the wider community today;
d) think of different ways of helping people explore the issues (e.g. what bible passages will you use? will you use artwork? or music? or poetry? how will you relate the issues to people’s everyday experience?)
B. Notes for the discussion session (500 words), as handouts for the group participants, with notes underneath – with discussion-starters, questions, activities, and bible references.
No 2. Case Study: Word counts 1500: a reflection on practical experience, which shows an ability to handle evaluation tools such as the Pastoral Cycle, and develop conclusions based on outcomes. (York St John Assessment Taxonomy)
Use the pastoral cycle to reflect theologically on a situation (whether hypothetical or based on an experience familiar to you) which relates to one of the following ethical themes linked to a biblical text: Matthew 5:38-48 (Violence). 
– use the headings for the different stages of the pastoral cycle to structure your essay
– your description of the case study will constitute the ‘experience’
– your interpretation of the text will contribute to the ‘reflection’ and ‘action’
– you should consult a suitable range of commentaries and resources to help with your interpretation of the text, and you should refer to the Ford guidelines as appropriate.

Note: I”m not sure the paper format. Please check Module Assignment cover sheet for submission. Reference guide line should follow the York and St. John University guide line which has in the attached file. If you need further information, please contact me via email or mobile. Thanks.

Practical Theology in Contemporary Context
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