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1. Important information about larger literary work
Provide title and publishing information for larger literary work. (We are reading mostly excerpts
from larger novels so it will be important to inform students where that excerpt comes from.)
Provide summary of greater novel / literary work and what happens to protagonist / other
important characters.
Discuss the reception of the novel / literary work.
o When it was published how was it received by critics?
o Did the work receive any awards (if yes, which ones)?
o How has it impacted the greater field of literature?
Translation of novel in popular culture: Was the work ever performed on stage or made into a
o Consider the inclusion of a brief clip of the movie / show to further discuss in your
presentation. Be prepared to explain details surrounding the meaning of the clip and
what the visual interpretation reveals about the text.
Presentation Requirements:
The group is to prepare at minimum a 12 minute presentation (but no more than 25 minutes total). This
means each person should be prepared to speak approximately 3 minutes. I encourage students to use
visual aids such as a slide show or a prezi as this could help keep your peers stay engaged. Youre also
welcome to include videos and images in your presentation to get students to envision what it is youre
discussing. However, you cannot use long videos to take up all your speaking time. Please note that if
the minimum timeframe (12 minutes) isnt met then points will be deducted from the final grade on the
Each component of the presentation should provide at least 3 open-ended discussion questions (no more
than 5 questions) that can help students in the class continue having a conversation about the literary
work in the context of the information they presented. This means that total there should be
approximately 15 discussion questions created in the entire presentation. These questions should be
provided either at the end of the entire slideshow or at the end of the share works cited page the group is
working on.
The article and full instructions are attached

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