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Product: Chapul Cricket Bars!

From their website: Chapul introduces edible insects into Western Cuisine as a healthy and sustainable protein. We launched the first insect-protein product in the US with our award- winning Chapul Cricket Bars, fortified with our signature cricket flour. We represent a growing food revolution intent on increasing the health of our food resources for our children and for the planet.

1. Describe Chapuls positioning. What is their point of differentiation relative to their competitors? Is it a preemptive one?

2. Who do you think the target market segment should be for this product? As part of your answer, please explain the segmentation criteria that you are using (demographic, psychographic, geographic, behavioral).

3. Should Chapul use a push or pull strategy for distributing their product? Why?

4. Please recommend the best method of distribution (direct, indirect, or multichannel). Why do you think this method is best for Chapul?

5. When Chapul sets its price, what factors should they consider beyond the variable cost of producing each bar, the fixed cost that they have paid for their kitchen, and the desired mark-up that they want to earn?

6. Using the promotion mix, come up with 4 ideas for how to promote Chapul cricket bars. (At least 1 of these ideas should have an online component to it.) Explain which aspect of the promotion mix relates to each of your ideas.

Answer questions in essay format please. Graduate Level coursework

Product: Chapul Cricket Bars! QNA
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