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Write a 6 to 7-page professional development plan for your career as an MSN-prepared nurse. The professional development plan should include the following:

A brief introductory paragraph that clearly states the purpose of the paper.
A description of your specific area of focus in nursing education, the position that you wish to obtain, and the educator competencies that you will need as an MSN-prepared nurse.
A statement of your specific professional goals (a minimum of three) and discussion of their relationship to your nurse educator philosophy.
A brief description of any additional forces (social, economic, political, institutional) that may influence your nursing education role.
An analysis of how you will carry out scholarship activities as an MSN-prepared nurse and a specific plan for scholarship based on a model.
A discussion of specific ways (a minimum of two) that you will develop a leadership role in the area of focus you have chosen.
Specific plans for professional growth and any additional education, certifications, or training to be acquired.
A reflection in a concluding paragraph on your abilities to meet goals and achieve your professional development plan and ethical practice.
Additional Requirements
The paper should be double spaced in Microsoft Word.
Page length is 6 to 7 pages, not including a title page and a reference page.
Use APA-formatted subheadings to indicate major topic areas in the paper.
Use correct APA format, including a cover page, running head, page numbers, and correct citations and references.
Use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial Font.
Your paper should be free of grammar and spelling errors that distract from content.
Use a minimum of twelve references (nine from peer-reviewed sources, other than the textbook).
Citations and references are to be in correct APA format.


Professional Development Plan
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