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Understanding the processes, elements, and complexities involved in developing and implementing a year-long professional development plan is important for successful application.

Drawing on the needs assessment data, surveys, and reflections from Topics 1-5, develop a year-long professional development plan for your school. The year-long plan should be divided into quarters, one professional development session per quarter.

QUARTER ONE: The learning environment should guarantee equality for students from different backgrounds

QUARTER TWO: Personal information about a learner should remain confidential.

QUARTER THREE: Learners need to be treated equally despite academic capabilities.

QUARTER FOUR: There is a need for constant review of teacher-student interactions and how effective they are.

In 150-200 words each, include the following for each professional development session:

*The overall goal or goals for the intended audience. Goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, and include timelines.

*Alignment with state-FLORIDA, local, and/or school/district policies and standards.

*Description and purpose of the goals of your school.

*Appropriate scaffolding of on-going professional development sessions .

*A variety of appropriate, research-based strategies, models, or techniques related to professional development (cite sources for each of the suggestions ).

*A list of resources or materials needed to complete the plan.

Support your plan with 3-5 scholarly resources.

Professional Development Year-Long Plan
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