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Design a 1:1 medical play child life activity that can be delivered at bedside to a child/adolescent who is about to experience a medical procedure.  You will choose and describe the medical procedure that you are working through with the patient. You will create a program outline for the activity and gather the materials required to facilitate the activity.  When selecting your type of medical play, you may not use medical art or indirect medical play as these does not apply to learning about a medical procedure.

Resources and Restrictions: The participant is not to leave their bed during the program.  They are allowed to hang their feet of the bed while sitting upright on the side of the bed.  You must coordinate with your patient to ensure they have any supplies needed before the day of your program.

Hand In: You will hand in the typed Program Outline for the activity, photograph(s) of the materials required to facilitate the activity, and an evaluation completed by you and your group on your program (this evaluation form will be provided in class).

Program Outline (MARKS)   

Your Name  (2)
Name of Program (1)
Purpose (3)
Domain (1)
Age range of participant (1)
Program Length (1)

Explanation of the medical procedure that the activity supports and why it is effective.  Include the type of medical play that you are using (either role rehearsal or medical fantasy).  Include at least on in-text citation to support your argument. (5)
Equipment (2)
Set-Up (3)
Procedure (10)
Human Resources Needed (1)
Potential Hazards (2)
References in APA (3)
Provide 2 references that justify the connection between your activity and your medical procedure and the medical play intervention you use (child life) or the symptoms you are treating (elder life). 
Photograph of all materials for your activity (5)
If no materials used include photos of key aspects of the activity in action

Activity Facilitation (MARKS)      /20
Activity Facilitated on scheduled date (15)
Copy of Program Outline provided to each group member (5)
Program Evaluation (MARKS)    /10
Submit Program Evaluation Form completed by you, your participant, and your observer

program Outline for a medical activity
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