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Please analyze.
You have been hired as a consultant to provide recommendations as to whether or not an operation should invest in an electronic individual animal identification system (i.e., RFID).  Your recommendation should provide the pros and cons of such a system, what it will cost on an annual basis, and any suggested changes you might have (and why) as to the general management of the operation.  Your report should be well organized and to the point.  The people that have hired you are busy people and do not want to wade through lots of excess paper, but they are good business managers and want to make a good decision.  Thus, your report should focus on quality of information NOT quantity (i.e., you probably should be able to hit the important points in several pages of text plus any supporting tables or figures).
Feedlot Hired by Feeders R Us, Inc., a feedlot with a one-time capacity of 25,000 head and turns two times per year.  The feedlot has two processing and load out facilities as well as a chute with a scale in the hospital.  The feedlot markets about half of their cattle on a live weight basis in the cash market and the other half on a grid-basis (some are contracted in advance and some are priced at delivery).  At this time, the feedlot does not sort cattle with the exception of very large groups so as to avoid mixing cattle from different owners in the same pen.

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