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This is a short answer assignment for a Psychology of Cognition and Memory Exam. The subjects are on Memory and Language. These answers will need to be roughly 4-7 sentences long. Some answers will require citation. No reference page is necessary. Please answer all 12 Questions.

*The first attachment is the Assignment.

*The additional attachments are labeled Textbook and Lecture.  This is where you will find most of the answers to the questions. Keep in mind that some of the answers will require examples to test the understanding of the information. When citing the textbook there are multiple Author’s to the chapters but the Text book itself is Noba. The Lectures are Pdf’s of slides that were used. If you decide to use information within the slides, cite it as “Blumenthal”

*I also attached 4 articles the professor provided with additional information on the subjects to be used. These provide a lot of insight on the subjects and can help with answering some of these questions.

Please note that there is a lot of neuroscience that is involved with this subject. Some of the answers will require to include biological information, specifically parts of the brain used during specific functions. It is extremely important to include this where necessary.

You may also obtain answers to these questions from other sources but be sure to cite it in the answers. I would like for the majority of the answers to come from the attachments I provided as this is what the professor will be expecting.

Psychology of Cognition and Memory Short Answer Questions
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