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It has been suggested that there are negative consequences to the physical health of African Americans that is a function of their encounters with race related stress (racial battle fatigue, minority stress, microaggressions), eg. Rates and consequences of COVID19 infection and deaths, hypertension and other forms of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV infection, cancer, substance abuse etc. Are there differences in rates of childhood illnesses or more negative outcomes within African American communities? What has the psychological or behavioral health literature had to say about this? If so provide us with some hypotheses about cause. Provide us with a discussion of the relevant literature on this subject (Brondolo et al as well as other research). What are the mechanisms of these ill effects on health? Is there a direct relationship between race related stress and distress and physical ill health? What role does racial discrimination in the delivery of health services play in the disparities in disease frequency and intensity that we see in African Americans when compared to white Americans? Is the presence or absence of high level medical facilities in African American communities a factor and if so how? Overall, consider your discussion an explanation of the health disparities between African Americans and their white counterparts-with distinctions among different social class groups if you determine that there are such differences.

Psychology: PSY of african-american experience
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