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Question: Immigration is a hotly debated topic in America. Some believe the United States
(US) should open their borders to those who seek a better life. Others, however, believe that we
need to place stronger criteria on who can enter the US. Who is correct? Specifically, should the
US have an open access policy for those seeking a better life, or should criteria to enter America
be stringent?

Adelman, R., Reid, L. W., Markle, G., Weiss, S., & Jaret, C. (2017). Urban crime rates and the
changing face of immigration: Evidence across four decades. Journal of Ethnicity in
Criminal Justice, 15(1), 52-77.
Choi, S. W. (2018). Does restrictive immigration policy reduce terrorism in Western
democracies?. Perspectives on Terrorism, 12(4), 14-25.

In your response:
Ensure the articles are properly applied in your analysis. That is, ensure the use of key
elements of each article are utilized. Simply using quotes and adding a sentence or two
thereafter will NOT suffice. Utilize, for example, major themes, findings, conclusions,
policies, etc. is important when integrating scholarly works. Presumably, you will
NOT agree with both publications, which is great. You will need to be objective in your
presentation of both publications, however.
Each article MUST have its own substantive paragraph. In short, there MUST be a deep
and cogent reflection for each publication.
Ensure that you have a strong introduction and conclusion for the paper. Being able to
set-up and wrap-up your position in a written format is important with academic writing.
Use quotations sparingly. The over-use of quotations is likely to detract from ones
analysis, which would result in a grade reduction.
REVIEW the rubric prior to submission. The rubric for this assessment is located via
the Paper Submission link. Look for the View Rubric tab.

Race, Ethnicity, and the Administration Of Justice
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