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Assignment: Read the following short articles.  These articles are all semi-current events (within the last several years).  As you’re reading, think about some topics we’ve discussed since the last paper: deviance and crime, social stratification, gender inequality, racial and ethnic inequalities, political, economic and corporate power, education, and the media.  Do you see any connection with terms from class?  For example, did race, class, gender, education level, prestige or status, occupation or wealth influence the outcome of the cases?  Was the media coverage fair and accurate?  What types of crimes were being committed?  Are these crimes deviant? These are only examples of how you can address this reaction paper.  Choose one of these cases and form your paper.  Please put your name, and the name of the case you selected, on the top of your paper.

To earn full points: These papers will be graded on content, clarity, and relevance to the course. This paper should be based on your opinion and should provide some insight into something that you learned. (Thus, you should use key concepts from class to make your casesee below for more information.)  You can agree or disagree with the topic. These papers will be typed, double-spaced, 12-pt. font, 1 margins, and at least 1 (full) page in length not to exceed 2 pages.  Please include at least FOUR key concepts from either the deviance and crime, stratification, gender inequality, racial and ethnic inequalities, political/economic/corporate power, education, or media lectures (or the corresponding text chapters), or a combination of any of these. Please include (and underline) the terms or concepts of your choice, a definition for the keywords you use, and an example of how each applies.  No additional references are necessary to complete this paper, however, you are welcome to “Google” these names if you want to get a little more background information on the cases.

The equation for earning a perfect score: PLEASE REVIEW THE FEEDBACK YOU RECEIVED ON PAPER #1 BEFORE SUBMITTING PAPER #2.  The formatting requirements are very similar, so you can be sure not to repeat any mistake!

Meet length requirement + well written (check spelling and grammar) + pick 4 key terms + states term (underlined), defines the term (with correct definition), gives an example of the application of term (that fits the definition) and apply to article = 100%

Reaction Paper
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