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I have attached the instructions (Please read and follow everything to the letter) but one of the main things is:

I will provide you with a Microsoft Word document template in Word 2016 format (.docx file extension) which you must use for your submission.

The document has built-in styles which I insist that you use for your submission. These styles facilitate clarity in determining the organization of your document and providing feedback electronically. See the Course Resource Page for a link to a video lesson on how to use the styles provided in the document template.
Download the Word report template (5436News.docx) linked in the Assignments Tab for this assignment.
IMPORTANT: You must download the Word document I provide and use that very file for composing your report. Do NOT start a new Word document and then copy and paste content from my file. If you do this you will lose important formatting and therefore important points on the assignment. Be sure to rename the downloaded file to match the file naming requirements listed above.

There is a strict limit of three pages (not counting the title page or any appendices). There will be a 10% penalty for going over this limit by any amount. I will also impose this penalty if you adjust the submission template to make your document fit. Your goal is to exercise judgment in the selection of the material to be included in addition to the quality of your analysis and conclusions. You will not impress me by quantity and, as you have just read, there will be severe penalties for exceeding the page limits. (See the discussion of endnotes below for a minor exception to this guideline).

Referencing figures in your report. You may find it useful to reference figures we have used in class in your report as part of your explanation. You may do this without including the figures in your report by referencing the figures from the textbook using phrasing such as “Olsen, Figure 4.2” or “Module 3, Chapter 4, Slide 12”. You absolutely do not need to include the figure in your paper and probably do not want to due to the page count limitations.

Read Instructions
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